Joint European Summer School


2018 – Week 1 - Introductory Classes

Classes on:

  • High temperature fuel cells and electrolysers (SOFC and SOE),
  • Low temperature fuel cells and electrolysers (PEM and alkaline),
  • Battery technology.
Week 1

2018 – Week 2 - Advanced Classes

Classes on:

  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles,
  • Innovative T echnology Business Development,
  • Hydrogen Safety, and
  • The Modelling Master Class.
Week 2

Joint European Summer School 2018

School Structure

The Summer School has 2 individual weeks of lectures each divided into a number of classes.

Week 1: Introductory Classes
Week 2: Advanced Classes

The 2 weeks are organised individually and you can sign up for one or two weeks as suits you.
17 JANUARY 2019