Joint European Summer School


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Regarding COVID-91:
The organisers are aware of the uncertainty regarding travelling and gathering as a result of the Corona situation. In the event that JESS cannot go ahead physically in Athens in September, we will conduct the modules by distance-learning, i.e. online. If we take this decision, anyone already registered will have the option to cancel free of charge. The fee for participation in distance-learning mode will be markedly reduced. Any difference in fees will be immediately and fully reimbursed.
Note that if JESS takes place in Athens as usual and as planned, online access will not be an option.
As it stands today, we are accepting registrations, but payments will only be required from the beginning of June 2020 when we see more clearly what the conditions will be like in September 2020.


2020 – Week 1 - Introductory Classes

7 – 11 Sept 2020, classes on:

  • High temperature fuel cells and electrolysers (SOFC and SOE),
  • Low temperature fuel cells and electrolysers (PEM and alkaline),
  • Battery technology.
Week 1

2020 – Week 2 - Advanced Classes

14 – 18 Sept 2020, classes on:

  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles,
  • Hydrogen Safety, and
  • The Modelling Master Class.
Week 2

Joint European Summer School 2020

School Structure

The Summer School has 2 individual weeks of lectures each divided into a number of classes.

Week 1: Introductory Classes
Week 2: Advanced Classes

The 2 weeks are organised individually and you can sign up for one or two weeks as suits you.
31 MAY 2020