Dr. Artur Majewski, PhD
Research fellow
School of Chemical Engineering,
University of Birmingham, UK

Dr Artur Majewski is a Research Fellow in the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

Artur has published 13 peer-reviewed scientific articles and 11 other scientific publications in journals and books and has wide-ranging research interests in chemical engineering with a particular focus on hydrogen production and application of high-temperature fuel cells.

Artur completed his PhD in 2007 at the Koszalin University of Technology. Poland. He joined the Centre for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Research at School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham in June 2008. He has been working on the development and evaluation of solid oxide cells (SOC) stacks and cells. He took part in several international projects related to hydrogen production using electrochemical, physicochemical, and biological methods and fuel cell technology.

His recent work focuses on materials for air electrodes of intermediate temperature solid oxide cells and production of hydrogen from biomass using thermo-catalytic reforming.


Artur Majewski
Dr. PhD
University of Birmingham, School of Chemical Engineering
19 OCTOBER 2019