Dr. Lars Nilausen Cleemann
Associate Professor, Electrochemistry
Department of Energy Conversion and Storage
(DTU Energy)
Technical University of Denmark

Lars Nilausen Cleemann works in the field of inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry and material science with a focus on systems for energy conversion. Main research interests is the utilization of low temperature proton conductors (100 – 300C). Dr. Cleemann has extensive experience working with the HT-PEM Fuel cell system based on H3PO4 doped polybenzimidazole, and on the measurement of performance and durability of these. Additionally, he has worked with both noble and non-noble metal catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction and the hydrogen evolution reaction. At DTU Energy, he teaches hydrogen energy and fuel cells as well as Electro chemistry.s


Lars Nilausen Cleemann
Head of Section, Associate Professor
DTU Energy
+45 45 25 20 22
31 MAY 2020