Dr Dmitriy Makarov
Reader in Hydrogen Safety
Hydrogen Safety and Engineering Centre (HySAFER)
Ulster University
Northern Ireland, UK

Graduated as mechanical engineer from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia) in 1991, obtained his PhD from the same University in 1995 with specialisation in computational fluid dynamics. Joined Ulster University (UK) in 2000, currently is a reader in Hydrogen Safety at the Hydrogen Safety Engineering and Research Centre (HySAFER) of Ulster University, and member of the teaching team on a number of safety courses. His area of expertise is applied research for hydrogen safety – hydrogen releases and combustion including fires, deflagration and detonation; hazards assessment using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); and developing models for Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of safety-related problems. He is a named researcher in a number of EC and UK funded hydrogen and hydrogen safety projects – HySafe, HyCourse, HySafest, HyPER, HyFacts, HyIndoor, H2FC, HyResponse, etc., principal investigator of projects EC FCH-JU SUSANA and H2FC SUPERGEN Challenge (UK). He contributes to work of the IEA HIA Task 37 Hydrogen Safety and is a member of the Hydrogen Europe Research grouping of the FCH-JU (CT 2 Transport and Infrastructure). Total number of publications 90+.


Dmitriy Makarov
Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK
17 JUNE 2024