Dr.-Ing. Birgit Thoben
CEO and Founder
Future.Solutions, Switzerland

Birgit Thoben is an exceptional innovation management expert with more than 20 years of experience in fuel cell engineering (PhD on fuel cells 2006 Stuttgart/German Aerospace Center). She has a proven track record of success, holding more than 30 patents, mainly on fuel cells.  Birgit is known for her ability to motivate people to push the envelope of technical achievements and trust their intuition. With her exceptional communication skills, Birgit connects with professional networks at the interface of business, science, and art and transfers profound knowledge in a multidisciplinary way.  She was lucky to create for Bosch (2005-2018) a SOFC mass product from scratch to market and has been an experienced and successful Product Developer, Researcher, and International Innovation Manager Global of Bosch Corporate Research.  Birgit loves to work at the fuzzy front end of innovation support, guide others, and develop new technologies to bring them into the market.  In addition to her work at Bosch, she is an expert for the European Commission, the German Government, Innosuisse, and a lecturer for the ICN Artem Business School and the Joint European Summer School on Fuel Cell, Electrolyser, and Battery Technologies. Since 2019 she has been CEO of Future.Solutions GmbH trains, coaches and consults clients related to her key topics:  - Innovation management  - Technology development, market overview of fuel cells and hydrogen  - business development and entrepreneurship  She loves to share her experiences to create, develop and launch successful industrial products and to accelerate the development and success of others.  If you want to work with Birgit Thoben to get support via consulting, training or transactional coaching, please contact her office at info@future.solutions or visit the website https://future.solutions.  Clients thus far include companies like TotalEnergies, EPFL, EISMEA, Clean Hydrogen, Schwarz Group, GLG and many more. 


Birgit Thoben
Future.Solutions, Switzerland
17 JUNE 2024